Drip Brew and Cold/Nitro Brew

Drip Coffee

Our feature drip coffees are Branford Blend by Kaldi, a darker roast which is a rich, full-flavored coffee from Indonesia and Africa. We also Branford Decaf Blend by Kaldi, and Monsoon Medley by Josuma Coffee, very low acidity, extremely high body, and a pleasant earthy taste from India.

Nitro Brew

Rut roh!  This machine is currently broken, but we hope to have Nitro Brew available again by Spring of 2021.  Nitro Brew is cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes. As high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect. The whole cascading of the coffee is just beautiful, really.  Black coffee die-hards. If you don’t care about it being iced cold—and don’t put milk in it—you’ll probably love it.

Cold Brew

Cold Brews are made using room temperature water over 12- 24 hours.  Cold Brew usually has more caffeine.  Cold-brews are prized for their natural sweetness, which is produced by the cold water’s lower extraction rate, leaving the bitter and undesirable flavors behind.  A smoother, sweeter version of Iced Coffee.

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